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Why we no wear wristwatches again?

by suntech
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Dem days when everybody used to rock dem wristwatches like a boss, but now it look like nobody even remember what dem things is for. What happen? Why we no wear wristwatches anymore? Well, me tell yuh why.

The rise of the digital age

Inna dis digital age we livin’ in, everything done gone virtual and electronic. We got dem fancy smartphones dat can do everyting from tellin’ time to orderin’ pizza. Who need a clunky old watch when you got all dat power right inna your pocket? People nowadays prefer checkin’ their phone instead of glancin’ at a watch on their wrist.

Fashion trends change up

You know how fashion be changin’ faster dan Usain Bolt runnin’? Same ting go fi watches. Back inna di day, havin’ a shiny gold or silver watch was da bomb diggity. But now people more into minimalist style and sporty vibes. Dem want sleek designs and lightweight materials, not some heavy metal hangin’ off dem arm.

We always runnin’ late anyways

If there’s one tings Jamaicans and Koreans have in common, it’s our relaxed attitude towards time. We always runnin’ on “island time” or “Korean standard time.” So why bother wearin’ a watch if you just gonna be late anyways? It’s like tryna put lipstick pon a pig – pointless!

Conclusion: Time keeps movin’, but watches stay behind

All dese reasons add up to one simple truth – we no longer see di need fi wear wristwatches anymore. Technology done take over wit its fancy gadgets and gizmos. Fashion trends done switch up, and we no longer care ’bout bein’ punctual like we used to. So next time somebody ask yuh why you no wear a watch, just tell dem say “Time keeps movin’, but watches stay behind.”

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