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Why the ‘Dutch Reach’ is a Game-Changer for Bike Safety

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Are you tired of hearing about bike accidents and near misses? Well, there’s good news! The ‘Dutch Reach’ technique is here to save the day. This simple yet effective method has been proven to prevent bike crashes and make our roads safer for everyone.

A Revolutionary Approach

The ‘Dutch Reach’ technique originated in the Netherlands, where cycling is deeply ingrained in their culture. It involves using your far hand (the one opposite to the car door) to open your vehicle’s door when parked on the side of a road. By doing so, you naturally turn your body and head towards traffic, allowing you to spot approaching cyclists or vehicles.

This small change in habit can have a huge impact on preventing accidents. Instead of blindly swinging open doors into unsuspecting cyclists, drivers become more aware of their surroundings and take necessary precautions before exiting their vehicles.

Promoting Awareness and Responsibility

Beyond its practical benefits, the ‘Dutch Reach’ also promotes a sense of responsibility among both drivers and cyclists. It encourages them to be more mindful of each other’s presence on the road.

Cycling advocates around the world are now championing this technique as an essential part of driver education programs. By incorporating it into driving lessons, we can ensure that future generations grow up with this life-saving habit ingrained in their minds.

A Global Movement

The impact of the ‘Dutch Reach’ technique has already started spreading across continents. Countries like Canada and Australia have recognized its potential and are actively promoting its adoption among motorists.

In fact, several cities have even gone a step further by implementing infrastructure changes such as protected bike lanes and designated parking areas. These initiatives, combined with the ‘Dutch Reach’ technique, create a safer environment for cyclists and reduce the risk of accidents.


The ‘Dutch Reach’ technique is a game-changer when it comes to bike safety. By simply changing how we open car doors, we can prevent countless accidents and protect vulnerable road users like cyclists.

It’s time for all of us to embrace this revolutionary approach and make our roads safer for everyone. Let’s spread the word about the ‘Dutch Reach’ and ensure that no more lives are lost due to avoidable crashes.

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