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Wetin Make Hydrogen Peroxide dey Bubble When You Rub Am for Cut?

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E be like say na wetin dey make hydrogen peroxide bubble when you rub am for cut, e go shock you!

If you don ever chop small wound before, I sure say you don see as the hydrogen peroxide wey dem put on top your skin come begin bubble. E fit confuse person well-well! But no worry, I go explain why this thing dey happen.

You know say our body get plenty bacteria and germs wey fit cause infection if dem enter inside wound? Na so e be! The main reason why hydrogen peroxide bubble na because of the enzyme wey dey inside our body cells. This enzyme, we call am catalase, e get work to do – e help break down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen gas.

So when you pour hydrogen peroxide on top your cut or wound, the catalase enzyme come start to do im work. As e break down the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen gas, the oxygen gas come form bubbles wey comot from your skin. Na dis bubbling action show us say the catalase enzyme dey active and im job don start.

No be only that one o!

The bubbling action sef fit tell us something about how deep or serious your wound be. If your cut deep well-well or if there plenty germs inside am, then more bubbles go show face as the catalase enzyme try hard to break down all that extra hydrogen peroxide.

Sometimes self, people think say if their wound no bubble when they pour hydrogen peroxide on top am mean say nothing bad dey happen. But no be so o! The absence of bubbles fit mean say the wound don heal well or say the catalase enzyme no dey work as e suppose to. E fit even mean say your hydrogen peroxide don expire and e no get power again.

So, if you see plenty bubbles when you rub hydrogen peroxide for cut, just know say your body cells dey do their job well-well to protect you from infection. But if you no see any bubble at all, abeg make you check yourself well because something fit dey wrong!

In conclusion

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To conclude this matter, the bubbling action wey hydrogen peroxide show when we pour am on top our cuts na sign say our body cells and enzymes dey work together to keep us safe from germs and infection. Na im be why dem tell us say “no pain, no gain” – sometimes small discomfort na indication say everything dey alright inside our bodies.

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