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The Consequences of Removing Chapped Skin around the Nose during a Cold

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Unveiling the Hidden Dangers of Picking at Dry Nasal Skin during Illness

The Delicate Balance of Nasal Health

Our nasal passages play a crucial role in our overall well-being, acting as a natural filter against harmful particles and facilitating efficient breathing. However, when we fall ill with a cold, this delicate balance can be disrupted. One common symptom is dry and chapped skin around the nose, which may tempt us to remove it. But is this seemingly harmless act truly without consequences?

The Science behind Chapped Skin

To understand why removing chapped skin from around your nose during a cold might not be advisable, we must delve into the science behind it. When we have a cold, our body’s immune response kicks into high gear to combat the invading virus. This heightened immune activity often leads to dehydration and reduced moisture levels in various parts of our body – including our nasal area.

This lack of moisture causes the skin around our nose to become dry and chapped. While it may seem tempting to pick or peel away these unsightly flakes, doing so can disrupt an essential protective barrier that shields us from further harm.

The Perils of Picking at Dry Nasal Skin

Picking at dry nasal skin can lead to several undesirable outcomes. Firstly, by removing this protective layer prematurely, you expose underlying layers that are still healing from inflammation caused by your illness.

Secondly, picking at chapped skin increases the risk of introducing bacteria or other pathogens into already compromised areas within your respiratory system. These microorganisms could potentially exacerbate your symptoms or even lead to secondary infections such as sinusitis.

Furthermore, the act of picking can cause small wounds or breaks in the skin, which may result in discomfort, pain, and potential scarring. It is crucial to remember that our bodies possess remarkable healing abilities when given the chance.

Preserving Nasal Health during a Cold

Instead of removing chapped skin around your nose, it is advisable to focus on promoting healing and preventing further damage. Applying a gentle moisturizer specifically formulated for sensitive facial skin can help restore moisture levels and alleviate dryness without disrupting the natural healing process.

In addition to moisturizing, maintaining proper hydration by drinking ample fluids will aid in replenishing lost moisture throughout your body – including your nasal passages. Using saline nasal sprays or rinses can also provide relief by hydrating and soothing irritated tissues while helping to flush out any trapped particles.


In conclusion, although it may be tempting to remove chapped skin from around your nose when you have a cold, doing so can have unintended consequences. By understanding the delicate balance of nasal health and considering the science behind dry nasal skin during illness, we realize that preserving this protective barrier is essential for our overall well-being.

Instead of picking at dry nasal skin, focusing on promoting healing through gentle moisturization and adequate hydration will allow our bodies to recover naturally from illness while safeguarding against further harm. Let us embrace patience as we trust in our body’s innate ability to heal itself.

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